Best Work From Home Jobs

Best Work From Home Jobs

best work from home jobs

I know how you feel!  Your circumstances may have changed, you simply want to change your lifestyle and you absolutely need to work from home now! But where do you start?

You’ve spent hours trawling the internet trying to find the best work from home jobs but there’s so much out there, and how do

you know that they’ll work!

I have been online now for nearly 5 years, and when I started I was bouncing from site to site, looking at the next ‘Big Thing’ claiming to solve all you lifestyle or money worries rolled into one! However, what I found was the complete opposite in many.

I found a few ‘traditional’ multi-level marketing companies where you had to sit in a room with other Sponsor’s every month, each competing for a small slice of the pie.  The so-called company ‘Top Earners’ would jet in from some exotic place and tell you to recruit your family and friends into the best business opportunity in the world! Have you ever been told to do the same?  Well, I couldn’t and wouldn’t adopt this mechanism because I didn’t have a proven track record and why try and recruit my family and friends into my new found business when none of them may want ‘the next big telecommunication breakthrough’, to ‘lose weight fast’ or anything else of that matter! And I certainly didn’t want to hold twice weekly recruitment events either in my house or at some dodgy hotel, passing out biscuits and telling people how fantastic this new company was! That just doesn’t smell right to me, so I began surveying people to find out what they actually want, crazy I know!

They Needed To Find The Best Work From Home Jobs That Actually Made Them Feel Good!

Not content to find a work from home job that other people told me was good, I needed to find the very best work from home jobs that made me feel good, but more importantly were able to actually HELP people rather than just trying to sell them some ‘desirable’ or ‘luxury’ item that they didn’t need.

I began surveying friends, family and my online buddies to find out what people really needed during this difficult and challenging economy, and I was surprised to see the answers that I got back from people. If you don’t mind I want to give you the Top 5 answers that together took over 90% of the


  • Number 5 – Find a new job – 9%
  • Number 4 - Spend more time with my family – 9%
  • Number 3 - Pay off my debts – 16%
  • Number 2 – Work from home – 21%
  • NUMBER 1 – Make more money – 36%

Did those results surprise you? Just look at the large percentage jump from number 2 to 1! That told me that there really is so much onus these days on making more money and if you can work from home then that’s a huge bonus too!

I Needed To Find The Best Work From Home Jobs That Payed Well!

best work from home jobs now

Yes, there are a load of work from home jobs but I really needed to know the very best work from home jobs, not just the one’s that were OK!

While I had been carrying out my research into companies such as Amway, ACN, Visalis, Herbalife, Juice Plus that’s when it really HIT ME LIKE A TRAIN!

Yes, these companies do work but they all sell products that just a fraction of the population want, never mind NEED! Going by the survey stats I knew that the majority of people wanted to make more money but few actually wanted or had the inclination to leave their home, especially if there were young children at home.

That’s when I started researching companies and programs that you could actually work from home using the internet, and the internet only! I didn’t want to pound the streets trying to recruit people, no thanks!

Why not use the knowledge and experience I already know about Internet Marketing and find somebody that I can team up with to produce a package or product that ticks all of the above survey results!

Paul Lynch Inner Circle Riches

I found a chap in the UK who I already knew called Paul Lynch. Now Paul had won many affiliate contests around the world, so this guy really knew a thing or two about driving prospects to websites.  Paul came up with a business opportunity where he would build a complete online sales funnel for me where it would tie in nicely with a multi level marketing company called Empower Network. I had heard many good things about Empower Network but had never really took it any further.

So, I took the leap of faith and signed up to Inner Circle Riches with Paul. Although it was only $25/month initially I had been ‘burnt’ in the past so joined reluctantly!

Paul and his team started building my ‘done for you’ online sales funnel (if you know anything about creating an online sales funnel you’ll know how hard it is) and within 48 hours it was ready. “OK, i’ve a high-converting sales funnel but now what do I do with it!”

I knew I had to drive ‘traffic’ or prospects to my online landing page but HOW? Paul showed me a few tips and tricks and I took action and implemented them immediately. I wasn’t expecting immediate gratification and nothing really happened for a day or two.

I then started using Paul’s YouTube Tsunami Robot Software that automatically identifies ways of getting clicks to your website from YouTube, and hey presto, in 48 hours I had received 544 subscribers to my email list. WOW, I couldn’t believe it, really!

I now knew that I had to build a rapport with my ‘flock’, which I started doing. I then started to give good content and I found that I was getting people signing up to Empower Network (which again is the high-converting ‘back-end’ product that my sales funnel is connected to) for $25/month.  Incredibly I was getting 100% commission EVERY month from this!  Another important thing though is that they too were getting this sales funnel built for them and they just had to replicate what I was doing, so everybody was benefitting, and for me this is why this has to be one of THE very best work from home jobs available online today.

I’m sort of embarrassed and humbled at the same time to write this little bit now. I joined Paul Lynch Inner Circle Riches in May 2013, and on Tuesday 10 Sept 2013 I received my very first $1000 DAY. In actual fact my the end of the day I had earnt $1325. I was nearly sick when I logged into my Empower Network account and saw the signups and people upgrading their products. Now, please don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t happened too often, and it’s certainly not an everyday occurrence but you know what….it bloody works and that’s the main thing. It’s now just time to scale it up.

I hope you have found this post useful and if there’s anything I can do for you or questions you may have please leave a comment on this page or send me an email to:

Here’s to your success,